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Signs and Wonders

4 Jan 2017 12:26

When it finally came, who knew in advance?  Though the moment had been foretold through the ages, did anyone recognise it when the day arrived?  And how did it come?  A visitation.  A scandal.  A promise.  The birth of a child.  A manger.  Miraculous signs to shepherds.  A star to help wise men find their […]

Prayer Space

8 Aug 2016 19:46

ViK Sekasi, the Furness Deanery Youth Minister has prepared a beautiful report about the experience of a Prayer Space in the John Ruskin school. Read all about it here

Our beautiful church family

21 Feb 2016 12:39

Perhaps I was having an overly emotional day having been flattened by a particularly nasty case of the flu since Sunday eve.  I walked into the church yesterday in advance of Roger and Yu Zhu’s wedding, just to take a quick peek and leave some treasures behind, but what I saw instead was love and […]

Finding the Way of Christ in Community

27 Jan 2016 14:14

A few have asked to read Sunday’s talk.  I would have liked to have ended with a fabulous link to the Lord’s Prayer.  I also considered handing out envelopes, each with a name of someone on our electoral roll to hold in prayer.  In the end, it would have been adding too many elements for […]

The Christmas Story revisited, but is it true? What do you believe?

7 Dec 2015 23:21

Helen invited us to listen to this story of Jesus at our last Home Group.  What do you believe? It is the beginning of December and we are at the start of Advent, and the western world is starting to think about Christmas. I have often wondered how we could explain the importance of the […]

Sing and Share, a musical encounter

19 Nov 2014 19:06

The event on 26 April included a musical encounter with the newly refurbished organ played by an accomplished organist from Bristol!  Like all Sing and Share services, this was a one-off. Pictures from another encounter with the master rebuilder of the organ are below.  An evening of Bach delighted all. At the end of the […]

The Lesson of the Looking Glass

27 Apr 2014 17:16

Heavenly Light on Daily Life A Series of devotionals by Lilias Trotter, Lesson 1 Wherever there are women there are looking-glasses, from the Sherifa with her great mirror framed in carving and gilding, to the tent of the Bedouin woman, who wears a little leather-covered disc among her many ornaments. For all women want to see […]

How to get the job done

20 Jul 2013 13:53

This sermon had everyone thinking.  It was delivered by Brian Jones at St. Andrew’s Church, Sunday, 7 July.  Read it here now!  How To Get The Job Done

Easter Blessing

2 Apr 2013 21:55

On the way home on Easter Sunday a delightful sight caught my eye. What better way to represent new life.  In praise of signs and wonders in the here and now.

March Snow

24 Mar 2013 18:43

Anne sent this photograph along with these words. Didn’t want snow on Coniston ’14’ Day…poor organisers with all those hours of work ruined plus all those folk who were coming to Coniston for their shot of quiet refreshment or challenge Tho everywhere looks so magical Blessings

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