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Prayer & Praise

Prayer and Praise

Are you the one?

18 May 2017 10:42

  We’re seeking a leader who can bring vision to a community called to share the good news in one of the most beautiful places in England.  We have mountains, sparkling water, lush green fells, and people who visit from all over the world.  This is a place where one can and does have a … Continue reading Are you the one?

Youth Prayer Diary for May

5 May 2017 10:47

The Journey, May 2017 We had a fantastic time last weekend at New Wine Landmark RESOLUTE youth weekend. There were around 20 young people from Ulverston that went. The weekend was all about being AUTHENTIC and it was great seeing God at work in those young peoples lives. One girl from Lancaster, who came to … Continue reading Youth Prayer Diary for May

April Prayers

10 Apr 2017 09:59

Vic Sekasi, Furness Network Youth Minister, has issued the following calendar to pray for youth in the deanery. Vic underwent surgery earlier this month and would be grateful to receive your prayers during her recovery. Download April Prayers

Positioning ourselves for Breakthrough

1 Feb 2017 19:27

The Journey’s vision is to see every young person within the Furness area to have an opportunity to explore the Christian faith, journey with it and respond to it.   Thought for the month from Vic Sekasi, Furness Network Youth Minister Hi! Welcome to the February prayer diary. When I was praying for 2017, I … Continue reading Positioning ourselves for Breakthrough

Do you feel the call?

4 Jan 2017 16:31

We’re praying you into our parish right now #Coniston and #Torver        

The Journey updated for January 2017

4 Jan 2017 16:04

Vic Sekasi has just published the youth prayer diary for January. We want to encourage you all this year to be expectant for the God of Surprises and miracles to do some incredible things! Please add these prayers to your day.

December Prayer Diary

3 Dec 2016 14:54

Vic had just published the December Youth Prayer Diary Here is a key to the youth groups Vic and her team support around the Furness Deanery: Explore – Christian union at Ulverston Victoria High School run by Vic and Saga Christianity Club – Christian union at Dowdales run by Vicki Bunter Kirkby Youth– A group … Continue reading December Prayer Diary

Time out with your best friend

3 Nov 2016 16:14

St. Andrew’s Church, Coniston, Cumbria What would you do if your best friend suddenly stopped meeting with you?  Would you Just ignore them and hope they returned Move on Seek them and find them to restore the relationship. When was the last time you talked to God? Time out for Prayer.  Every Second Wednesday, 12 … Continue reading Time out with your best friend

October Prayer Diary

4 Oct 2016 22:17

Thanks for your prayers for September. I’m not sure where the month went… I’ve just come back from a renewal retreat looking at identity and authenticity! Its so important we know who we are IN Christ and also that we are real. I know with young people they automatically see through you if you’re not … Continue reading October Prayer Diary

New Interns working with Youth Minister

9 Sep 2016 10:37

Vic has introduced two new interns this month.  Here is a summary: “Hello, my name is Thomas, I’m turning 20 in September. I come from a small town in Norway, and I really looking forward to meeting you guys. I really enjoy playing music, I play piano, guitar and sing, and hopefully I can teach … Continue reading New Interns working with Youth Minister

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